Scott Gellatly


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Atmosphere, Construction and Field Testing

This fall has put on quite the display of light and atmosphere along the Willamette River.  Viewed from the factory parking lot, the manner in which the afternoon light catches the moisture against the hills has served as a constant, nagging muse. Airborne particulates from distant wildfires exaggerates the quality of light and atmosphere.

Only to add to the visual interest is the construction of the new light rail/pedestrian bridge. Sweeping cranes breaking the composition and orange construction material against the blue hills are way too interesting not to paint!

Fortunately, I've been able to take advantage of this on a couple occasions - which also allowed me to kick the tires of some potential new materials.

Here are a couple paintings painted on site in the parking lot:

Pill Hill in Haze, oil on panel, 6" x 6" 

Bridge Building, oil on panel, 8" x 8"

These paintings will be included in my upcoming exhibition, ruralurban, opening this week at Brian Marki Fine Art.