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Monday, June 24, 2013

Smith Rock Paint Out: Good Weather, Great Scenery, Excellent Ice Cream

I felt my status as a native Oregon became in jeopardy about a week ago after I went to Smith Rock for the first time. Hard to believe I hadn't been there before. After a brief visit, the family and I were itching to get back and spend more time there...luck would have it that I saw a poster for the First Annual Smith Rock Paint Out to take place the following weekend.

Put on by the High Dessert Art League, this was a free event for artists to come and paint the wondrous beauty of the popular state park.  Word has it that about seventy artists showed up to paint...not bad for the first time!

Only two and a half hours from Portland, painting on the other sides of the Cascades offers such a different color palette to work from compared to our "green, green and more green" surroundings of the Willamette Valley. 

Part of this event was a competition, where four paintings were awarded. This small 8" x 10" painting, which was my second piece done on that day, took 2nd place: 

Smith Ravine, oil on panel, 2013

Of course, the real prize was simply the opportunity to spend half the day painting at an amazing location and having my wife and kids enthralled with the hiking trails throughout the park. All of our efforts were rewarded by huckleberry ice cream, so conveniently offered at the shop adjacent to the park.  Well played, ice cream guy...

Additional info on this event can be found at

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mixing Violets!

The Blue Heron Herbary is an amazing venue on the north side of Sauvie Island. By late July the lavender will be in full force, providing plenty of opportunity to discuss the ins and outs of mixing violets.  The herbary offers both intimate scenes throughout their gardens and ponds as well as expansive views into the surrounding farmland. This will be a great workshop! 

Like my other workshops, I'll be supplying all of the oil colors, painting medium and Gamsol. Just bring yourself, suntan lotion, and your paint box! 

For registration info, please contact:
Nancy Klos
Artist/Photographer/Arts Educator