Scott Gellatly


Friday, October 2, 2015

Studio Visit

Welcome to my studio.

Years ago, I visited the home of a prominent Portland painter whose home (and studio) was under massive construction at the time. He shared with me that he produced an entire solo gallery exhibition at his kitchen table. The inspiring take-away here was that painters need to paint, whenever and wherever necessary. We need to find any means necessary to make painting fit into our lives.

Having said that, I am fortunate to have a dedicated space in which to produce my work. This blog serves as a peak behind the curtain into my space and process, for fellow artists and collectors alike.

Enjoy the visit!

(And, no, it isn't as clean as it looks in the pictures.)

The space is a detached, two-car garage that was remodeled over the course of three years. I promised myself that this conversion would be self-funded, so it was done a bit at a time. As my studio work is informed by my plein air paintings, its helpful to have a number of plein air works visible at once. The small pieces shown here, all painted in 2015, are from both the Northwest, as well as from the Palm Springs area.

Foundation to ceiling north-facing windows provide consistent natural light into the studio.  That's the idea at least...the cruel irony is that I usually use the studio at night...after the kids are asleep. Oh well.

Building up color and texture on a recent studio painting.

My palette.

At work. I usually have multiple paintings going on at once. I find this helps the work relate to each other in color and feel.

The work shown here will be in my November exhibition, Native Shores and Distant Sands, at Brian Marki Fine Art in Portland, OR. Show opens November 6th.

Thank you to Carrie Judah for the wonderful photography.