Scott Gellatly


Sunday, September 17, 2017

“Birches for Andrea” – dedicated to Andrea Harris and in support of Andrea’s Hope Foundation.

Birches for Andrea
24" x 12", oil on panel
Earlier this year, my friend and colleague Andrea Harris passed away from ovarian cancer. For almost ten years, Andrea worked as the Chicago-based Artist-Representative for Gamblin Artists Colors. Andrea’s positive attitude, creative spirit and early morning workout regimen were constant sources of inspiration to the rest of our team.

I first met Andrea in early 2007, as I was ramping up the Artist-Rep Program. I visited her Chicago studio, we spoke for an hour or so, I told her about the program we were starting, and hired her on the spot. Andrea was working on a series of abstracted birch trees at the time, a subject that she would revisit often in her work. Even though she would eventually pursue various subjects throughout her painting, the birch trees always resonated most with me. It is for this reason that I chose to paint a family of birch trees to honor Andrea.

This painting is available for sale, by auction, with 100% of the proceeds going to Andrea’s Hope Foundation, which will enable women with ovarian cancer and their families to benefit from the same kind of compassionate care and support that Andrea and her family received.

I'm starting the auction at $300. The auction will end at the end of September. Please put your name and bid in the comments below. 

Please visit the website dedicated to Andrea's Hope Foundation.  

Thank you for the support. 



  1. Please include your name and bid below. Please see previous comments for earlier bids. Thank you!

  2. Laurie Rossi,
    bid $500.

  3. Shala Erlich,
    bid $550.

  4. Auction is now closed, as us Dec. 1, 2017